A scented candle has the power to transform a space and, by extension, a mood — something that becomes more important as the days get shorter. Founded by Azza Gallab in 2015, Haremesque is an online candle boutique that pays homage to the rich aromatic culture of Gallab’s ancestral homeland, Sudan, a historic center of the fragrance trade. Based on oils and perfumes procured over the course of her extensive travels, the fueling “potions” are hand-poured in Gallab’s Brooklyn home studio and ensconced in elegant ceramic vessels. They come in six individually crafted scents, such as the aptly named Azza — a local colloquialism for “Sudan,” in tribute to the woman who led the fight against British colonial rule — which is infused with mahogany, sandalwood and cedar, and drizzled with Madagascar bourbon vanilla atop oakmoss and Nubian musk. -Kristina Samulewski / The New York Times